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A Brief History of Signet Rings

The signet ring was used as long ago as 3500 BC. Records show the people of Mesopotamia used cylindrical seals as marks of authenticity.

Originating from the Latin word “signum” meaning “sign”, signet rings originated amongst religious leaders and Pharaohs.

Every ring was unique, the markings usually included the family crest but there would always be a significant mark which personally identified the ring holder. Some of the rings were simple monograms or icons which were associated with the most important families. All rings were reverse engineered to ensure that the design came out properly when they were stamped on a document.

Below is a bespoke piece I made for a customer, he had his family crest seal engraved. You can see the impression it made next to it.

Why I love a signet ring

I love the idea of bringing to life a family signet ring because you can either do some research to find out if you have a family crest, or you are perfectly entitled to design your own. It is a unique representation of you entirely, combining how they were originally used as signatures or fingerprints, with a modern expression of yourself and your heritage. This become a heirloom for the family and can be passed down in generations.

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