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Self Love Collection

The new self love collection was inspired over lock down. With more and more metal health problems arising self care was really a top priority. Which I wanted to put at the forefront of this collection.

Self Love Heart Pendants

Using the heart motif as a starting point, having so much time to ourselves over lock down we really needed to learn what we love doing and to love ourselves. For me this is designing and appreciating nature. Which is why both heart motifs have a vine leaf pattern and twisted rope details, this vine leaf pattern and twisted rope detail represents growth. I had a desire to come a better version of myself and wanted to start seizing the day as tomorrow is never promised. I really had to start appreciating the smaller things in life as I am sure many of you can relate.

Self Love Chains and Bracelets

Using two types of chains with graduating link sizes and twisted wire details you are able to clip you desired heart pendant on. I didn't want delicate chains for this collection, so I picked two chunky silver chains. This collection is to make a statement, feel confident in what you are wearing and loving yourself for it!

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